Learn how to breed horses in Minecraft

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Horses are cute, even in Minecraft. You can get many horses all around the overworld. But if you want, you can also farm and breed horses in Minecraft.

Here, I will guide you through the process on how to breed horses in Minecraft with simple steps. If you did the provided guideline you won’t be run out of horses ever.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Breeding horses are another fun thing to do in Minecraft. It’s just like a farm of horses that produces baby horses. As a result of horse breeding, you will get a baby horse. The baby will grow up over the time.

Here’s the full process to breed horses in Minecraft.

Step 1: Find 2 Adult Horses

To breed horses, you will need to gather 2 adult horses. You can use any kind and color of horses to start breeding.

Generally, horses are seen on grassy areas. If you search around the forest or grassy fields you will find lots of them.

If you have any problem with finding a horse, you can immediately swap horses using this code.

/summon horse

Step 2: Put them into Fence

Once you get 2 horses you have to put them into the fence. So, they won’t be able to run away from you.

Tow horse in fence to breed new horse

Also, you can use lead to take them into the fence from anywhere you want. You have to make sure that both horses are close to each other.

Step 3: Tame Both Horses

The next thing you will need is to tame horses. You can’t use a wild horse to breed. And yes, you have to tame both horses that you want to use in breeding.

To tame horses, just get close to them and right click on their body with a bare hand. You will get on them, but few moments letter you will be kicked off to the ground.

Taming a wild horse with bare hand in Minecraft

Keep doing the same again and again until you see love sign is emitting from them. That means they are tamed.

Love sign emitting from a tamed horse

Step 4: Get Golden Carrot

As the last step, you have to feed them a golden carrot or golden apple. You can make golden carrot with gold nuggets. Just place the carrot in the middle of crafting grid and gold nuggets at other blocks.

The formula to craft golden carrot in Minecraft

But you will need gold ingots to create a cold apple.

Step 5: Breed Horse

If you have a gold carrot or apple on your inventory, put them at your hotbar. In this example, we are using the golden carrot. Take gold carrot on your hand and right click on both horse one-by-one. Your work has done!

Pointing the golden carrot to breed horses in Minecraft

Now they will enter into love mood and after few seconds you will get baby horse beside them.

A newly breed baby horse with tow adult horse in Minecraft

How to Feed Baby Horse in Minecraft

Once you got the baby horse, you a start taking care of it. You can feed them to grow faster. Once they are gone to adult, you can ride them and have fun.

Here’s how to feed horses in Minecraft

Step 1: Take the Food on Your Hand

Firstly, take the food you want to feed the horse and place it on your hotbar. Later, select the hotbar to take the food on your hand.

Step 2: Feed the Horse

Now go closer to the baby horse and right-click on them wheeling holding food on your hand. They will eat the following food with a mouth opening animation.

Feeding an apple to a baby horse

How to Take Care of Baby Horse in Minecraft

You can feed specific foods to your baby horse to grow them faster. Here we have shorted some foods that you should feed to your horse and make them big and health very fast.


The first and best thing is to feed your horse apples. Also, you can feed 5 golden apples to instantly grow your horse.


You can also feed your baby horse carrots. Feed 24 golden carrots to your baby horse to make them big.


Along with apples and carrots you can also feed your baby horse 63 wheat, 64 sugars. After feeding your horse properly, you will get a healthy horse in Minecraft.

How to Ride Your Horse in Minecraft

Once your horse went to adulthood and big enough, you can start riding them. Although the newly breed horse is tamed, you can easily start riding them and go anywhere you want.

Step 1: Make a Saddle

To ride any horse in Minecraft, you will need a saddle. You can easily make a saddle with leather.

Step 2: Place the Saddle on Your Horse

Now, place the saddle at the last row(hotbar) of your inventory. Then you will see a saddle on your hotbar. Select the hotbar with saddle and take it on your hand.

Then go in front of your horse and right click on them. Done! You will see a saddle on your horse.

Pointing a tamed horse in Minecraft to add saddle to them

Step 3: Ride Your Horse

If you have placed the saddle on your horse, you can start riding on it. Just right-click on the horse and you are on.

You can use in-game controls to navigate your horse. Generally, the horse will run quite faster and smooth.

Raiding a horse in Minecraft

To get off to your horse, just press left-Shift.


  • You can’t breed any horse that was used to breed a baby horse in last 5 minutes.
  • If you use a horse and a donkey to bread horses in Minecraft, you will get a mule. And you can’t use the mule to breed.
  • When you breed horse, you will get a baby horse with a random pattern. There’s not any formula to breed a horse with exact pattern and color.

Whiter you use golden carrot or apple; the effect will be the same. Also, keep remembering that you must take your horses before breeding. It’s recommended to have a fence to bound them in one place.

So, now you know how to breed horses in Minecraft, you can start your horse farm. Breed your own horse and take care of them. Start riding them to have a good time with them.

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