Here we will discuss on how to get legendary Marks in Desity

How to Get Legendary Marks

You need Legendary Marks to buy weapons, armor and other items in Destiny. But at first, you have to earn Legendary Marks.

In this tutorial, I will show you all the available ways to get Legendary Marks fast with a proper plan. Using those methods, you will get plenty of Legendary Marks per day and week.

The Legendary Marks works as currency in Destiny. So, you have to earn every bit of Legendary Marks by yourself.

Note: Make sure that you are up to 40 Levels to start earning Legendary Marks.

How to Get Legendary Marks

There are many ways are available that lets you earn Legendary marks based on day and week. If you follow those methods, you will end up with enough currency to go ahead.

Needless to say, Legendary Marks are so important to earn. Here are all the methods to get Legendary Marks on Destiny.

Method 1: Daily and Heroic Strike

The first mentionable way to get Legendary Marks are Daily Heroic strikes. As you will need 260 light level to start Daily Heroic story. You will get 15 Legendary Marks from every day. But you should be completely prepared for every time.

Method 2: Quests

Some of the Quests in Destiny offers you Legendary Marks as a reward. You can rely on quest tracker to get one. Here are some quests that can give you Legendary Marks surely.

Quest Name

Legendary Marks
The Vanguard’s Hand Quests


Neverending Battle Quests


The Taken War – Venus Quests


The Taken War – Earth Quests


The Taken War – Mars Quests


Method 3: Dismantling Legendary Items

If you are in Year 2, you can dismantle all the Legendary Items like weapons, the armor of Year 1. It’s one of the very lucrative ways as you will get Legendary Marks surely. You can clear up your inventory and get some Legendary Marks as a bonus.

You will get 3 Legendary Marks when you dismantle unleveled item. Approximately you will get 5 Legendary Marks on leveled items. Also, make sure you dismantle 2 Year items, otherwise you won’t get bonus Legendary Marks.

Method 4: Daily Crucible Match

Another way to get daily 15 Legendary Marks is daily Crucible matches. Those are daily PvP(Player versus Player) match that gets ready for you. It’s not necessary to with those matches. You will get Legendary marks even if you lose badly.

But, you can get Legendary Marks from this easy way only at once per day. Its account bound and you have a play next day’s crucible match to get another 15.

Method 5: Weekly Heroic Strike

You can also get a decent amount of Legendary Marks from the weekly Heroic competition. They weekly heroic scheme lets you participate 3 strikes for up to 45 Legendary Marks. It’s one of the best ways to farm Legendary Marks all around the week.

Sadly, once you complete 3 strikes, you have to wait for next weeks(Tuesday) heroic sticks.

Method 6: Daily Missions

The Daily missions let you earn some Legendary Marks. After completing daily missions, you will get Legendary Marks from rewards. I do not recommend relying on this technique to get Legendary marks. But, it’s one of the bonus ways to earn daily Legendary Marks.

Method 6: Vanguard Heroic Playlist

Well, as the last way to gain Legendary Marks you can use Vanguard heroic playlist. At every weekly reset, you will get up to 10 Legendary Marks for completing first three sticks. That enough!

This method is account bound. So, you can only earn 10 Legendary Marks per week with one account.


  • The key way to get Legendary Marks is participating public events, daily and weekly activities.
  • The weekly playlist is also important to collect enough Legendary Marks.
  • According to the generic tactic, you can earn up to 210 marks per week by Crucible and Heroic missions.
  • You won’t get Legendary marks if you dismantle 1-Year-old Legendary weapons and armor. Make sure you have 2 Year items to dismantle and get bonus Legendary Marks.

So, that’s how you can get enough Legendary Marks. It’s so important that it works as currency. But, you have to be at Level 40 to start earning Legendary Marks. However, there’s also a limit to hold Legendary Marks. You can store up to 200 Legendary Marks for all of your characters.

So, If you have got Legendary Marks, go and start executing those by purchasing new gears. But before going, make sure you share this article. That would be worth to our effort.

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