Know how to get Nezha on Warframe and build it on Foundry

How to Get Nezha Warframe: Quick guide

Here I will explain all about how to get Nezha Warframe, building Nezha at Foundry, purchase cost of Nezha Warframe, Foundry cost of Nezha and many more.

The Nezha is one of the powerful avatars that you can take on Warframe. It has some unique abilities that give you extra advantages trough out the gameplay. It also features fast movement at forwarding direction.

But, getting Nezha, not just a short process. Follow our guide to get it.

This is Nezha, the protector, the quick.

– Quote of Nezha

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Abilities and Powers of Nezha

Before getting into deeper, firstly we should know all available abilities and powers of Nezha. It has 4 special powers that affect the enemies and kill them.

Once we get all abilities of it, we will go for Nezha in Warframe.

Fire Walker on Nezha WarframeFire Walker: It’s one of the unique abilities of Nezha. Here Nezha blazes a big trail of flames behind him. That cause amines and aliens to get died.

All of the nearby aliens will get cleared with the Fire Walker stunt. Generally, the fire trail lasts for 5 / 6 / 7.5 / 10 seconds depending on Ability Duration.

Use: num 1 Key.

Blazing Chakram on Nezha WarframeBlazing Chakram: Nezha throws his universe ring at the direction of his front. The flaming ring cause 100 heat damage to enemies.

According to gameplay, the blazing Chakram will ricochet off until 5 times. After killing aliens it will release a healing pulse that restores health.

Use: num 2 Key.

Warding Halo: Protect yourself from incoming damage and shock at NezhaWarding Halo: Nezha gets surrounded by a moving circle around him. It protects Nezha from incoming physical damage from aliens.

Also, the protective ring also kills enemies which gets too close to Nezha.

Use: num 3 Key.

Kill all nearby enemies with Divine SpearsDivine Spears: Nearby enemies get injected with a magical spear that gets brushed from the ground. When the ability duration gets finished, all of the affected aliens will get smashed at ground very hard.

It causes aliens 50 / 300 / 450 / 600 impact damage.

Use: num 4 Key.

Get Nezha Warframe

To play as Nezha and with his special powers, you have to get Nezha. Here’s we have directed the full walkthrough to get Nezha on Warframe.

Step 1: Go into Tenno Lab in Dojo

At first, you have to buy the blueprint of Nezha to play it. To buy the blueprint, you have to go into Tenno Lab. This Lab is located in Dojo.

Basically, Dojo is a clan with a research center.

Step 2: Find the Research Center in Dojo

Once you are in Dojo, direct yourself into the Tenno Lab Research Center. If you can’t find the Research Center place, ask any clan member.

Step 3: Search for Nezha

At the Tenno Lab Research interface, search for Nezha to get the blueprint and others required elements. You can get them by searching for Nezha keyword.

Then all of the required elements will get popped up including the Nezha blueprint.

Step 4: Purchase Nezha Blueprint

Now you have to buy the Nezha Blueprint including other components. As an additional component, you have to also purchase Nezha System, Neuroptics, Cassis.

Dojo: Purchase all required components of Nezha including the blueprint

Note: To purchase every element, you have to start the research first. It will take at least 72 hours to complete the research.

Step 5: Complete Purchase

Once the research project gets finished for every element you can buy them. Once you buy all of them, congratulations! You have got the Nezha.

But, after getting Nezha, you have to build it at your Foundry.

Building Nezha at Foundry

Now go to your Foundry and start building Nezha. To get maximum performance you must design and build Nezha perfectly.

As Nezha is one of the beautiful avatars in Warframe. But you can also make it more stylish with customizing colors and others. Add different weapons if you need.

The Foundry of Nezha require some fundamental costs to complete.

Costs of Nezha

As we have seen, to get Nezha you must spend times and built-in Wireframe credits.

Purchase Costs of Nezha

Element NameRushTimeCredits
Nezha Blueprint5072 hours35,000
Element NameRushSalvagePolymer BundleNeural SensorTimeArgon CrystalCredits
Neuroptics254,5002,100112 hours115,000
Element NameRushMorphicsArgon CrystalRubedoNeural SensorTimeArgon CrystalCredits
Chassis2521600112 hours115,000
Element NameRushControl ModuleFerritePlastidsNeural SensorTimeArgon CrystalCredits
Systems2515,0004,200112 hours115,000

Foundry Cost of Nezha

Element NameArgon CrystalNeural SensorPolymer BundlesSalvageCredits
Element NameMorphicFerriteRubedoCredits
Element NameControl ModuleMorphicsSalvagePlastidsCredits


Therefore getting Nehza is not that complex but you must know the real procedure. Once you did the Foundry build of Nehza you are ready to play with it.

The Nezha has quite a versatile outfit and incredible powers. Also, it has a fast movement during gameplay.

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