Lean how to get Riven Mods in warframe

How to Get Riven Mods in Warframe

Riven mods are one of the most desired elements in warframe. You may want to get Riven Mods and enhance your current weapons like shotgun, pistol, and melee.

But, how to get Riven mods? Here I will explain you all about Riven Mods, and how they work. And mostly I will guide you on how to get Riven mods in warframe.

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What are Riven Mods?

The Riven Mods is one kind of card in warframe that alter the stats of your weapon. The alternation can apply to good and bad sides. But, most of the time it improves the power of your weapon.

But it will also leave some negative stat (zero or one) along with the positive one.

You can’t predict what will affect a Riven Mods to a weapon. It’s always random.

Don’t like a Riven Mod? You can reroll(change) the Mods using Kuva. But again, it will give a random stat that you have to accept.

How to Get Riven Mods

As you can make your generic weapon to a destructive weapon, Riven Mods are one of the amazing things in warframe. You can get Riven Mods with two specific methods. Each one is explained here.

Method 1: The War Within Quest

The fundamental way to get Riven Mods is the quest named The War Within Quest. After completing this quest, you will initially get Riven Mods. Oh, that’s great! But hold on, you can get more Riven Mods.

Once you finish the War Within Quest, you will get access to daily sorties. By daily sorties, it means daily missions. Yes, you can complete at least 3 sorties in a day.

Every time you complete a daily sortie you will get a list of rewards. You will also get Rives Mods as sortie reward.

Method 2: Trading

Another optional but working technique to obtain Riven Mods is to trading. Yes, you can trade with another Warframe player to get a Riven Mods.

The warframe Riven Mods price will be selected from the seller. Here you must pay what the other player wants.

Once the transaction is done, you will get a Riven Mod.

How to Use Riven Mods

When you complete The War Within Quest or daily sorties, you get Riven Mods. That’s not all, every time you get a Riven Mods you will need to open it.

But, you can’t open it instantly. You have to open or unveil it with a test. Every Riven Mod will ask you for a random task to complete. The task can be so easy or difficult, it’s not fixed.

However, you may have to face the same task to other Riven Mods also. Once you complete the task you are ready to unlock the Riven Mods and us it.

Use of Riven Mods

Most of the time you can use Riven Mods to improve the current attributes of your weapon. It offers you a better strength and utility to your weapon. The Riven Mods will stick to one of your weapons and make it really powerful than before.

How to Reroll Riven Mods

All Riven Mods apply random stats or power to your weapon. So, it’s obits that you may don’t like a Riven Mod.

Don’t worry you can change your Riven Mods.

To change the attributes of your Riven Mods, you will need Kuva. Just go to the mod console and reroll to get the best Riven Mods. But every time you reroll the cost will increase significantly.

How to Recycle Riven Mods

If you have duplicate Riven Mods or the once you don’t want to use, you can recycle them. The latest Warframe update lets you recycle your Riven Mods into a new one. You can combine 4 Riven Mods to unlock a new Riven Mod. It’s that simple.


So, the summary tells us that you can only get Riven Mods from The War Within Quest and daily sorties rewards. Riven Mods feature random enhancements that can apply to your weapon.

The Riven mods can make your ordinary weapon to a highly powerful weapon in Warframe.

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  1. Yes, I think Riven Mods are quite useful to make my weapon more powerful. Although it also gives some negative stat, but I would also try it.

  2. That the thing I hate most on WOW. Why I need to use the Kuva to reroll the Riven Mods. It gets more costly when I reroll every second time. Wish if there would be a better alternative. However, Riven Mods are amazing.


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