All the required steps on how to get to Northrend

How to Get to Northrend

Northrend is an island with icy weather at northern. It’s an interesting place to get new quests, discover NPC’s an amazing environment.

You can get to Northrend in many ways. Right now, I will explain how to get to Northrend from Origrimmer, Stormwind City, Dalaran legion.

So, Follow our provided instruction from your location and you will get into Northern easily.

How to Get to Northrend From Stormwind

You can easily get to Northrend from the Stormwind city. It’s located at The Eastern Kingdoms.

If you are in Outland, then take Dark Portal and head over to the Hellfire Peninsula. Then from the Blasted Lands, go to Stormwind city using a flight master.

Once you are in the Stormwind city you can follow one of these methods to get to Northrend.

Method 1: Using The Kraken Ship

Yes, you can get into Northrend by using a ship. If you are in Stormwind city then go to the Stormwind Harbor at the north-west side of the map.

The Stromwind Harbor at Stromwind city in World of Warcraft

Then go to the northern long platform of Stormwind city. Here you have to wait for a ship named The Kraken.

There it is! After a while, The Kraken Ship will be on the platform.

The Stromwind harbor platform in World of Warcraft

When the ship is on the platform, jump over into it. It will take you into the Borean Tundra(the western part of Northrend).  It’s an icy place at Netherland with the frigid island.

The Karken ship to get to Northrend in World of Warcraft

Method 2: Going into Menethil Harbor

There’s also another way to get Northrend legion from Stormwind city. Firstly, go to the red-market place in Stormwind city to take a flight master.

The flight master location in Stromwind city in World of Warcraft

Now fly to the Menethil Harbor with your flight master. The Menethil Harbor is a kind of port town that is located at the western shore of the Wetlands.

Location of Menethil Harbor in World of Warcraft


Wait for the Northspare ship to arrive on the platform. It’s a uniquely designed ship made for Northerland. Once the ship has arrived, take the ship and it will take you into the Howling Fjord(Notherend Zone).

The Howling is located at the eastern-most zone of Northrend.

How to Get to Northrend From Orgrimmer

There’s is also a simple and quick way to get to Northrend from the Orgrimmer. So, if you are on Orgrimmer, use those instructions and it will take you into Northrend.

Use Zeppelin

Firstly, make sure you are on Orgrimmer city. Once you are in, go to the red-marked place on Origrimmer.

The lift in Orgrimmer city in World of Warcraft

It’s one kind of lift made of wood. So, when you are there, wait for few seconds for the left to come down.

The lift building in Orgrimmer in World of Warcraft

Take the lift and when it opens. Then go at the upper level.

After getting out of the lift, turn left and go to the red-marked building located at Origrimmer.

The second building at Orgrimmer city

Now go into the building and take stairs to go at the top of the building.

Then go to the back sided platform when you are there.

Wait for a little bit at the platform, until you see a zeppelin comes to the platform.

The zeppelin coming towards platform

Jump to the Zeppelin and it will take you into the Netherland. It’s that easy. Now you are in the Netherland.

The character on the zeppelin in World of Warcraft

How to Get to Northrend From Dalaran

It’s also easy to get Northrend from Dalaran City. If you are on Dalaran, then you can use a portal to Northrend to get transported there. Here’s all instruction that will take you into Northrend.

Portal to Northrend

Go in in front of Chamber of the Guardian castle in Dalaran city. It’s located in the middle of the map of Dalaran.

The location of Chamber of Gurdian in Dalaran City

Now take the entrance gate of Chamber of the Guardian castle with your character.

Entrance gate of Chamber of Guardians castle in World of Warcraft

You will get this chamber. Then just stand on the shining blue platform to continue.

The shining blue platform in Chamber of Guardian castle

Boom! you are in another place. Go straight forward until you get a chamber with several portals around it.

The pathway to get portal to get to Northrend

When you get to the chamber, select the middle portal from there. It will teleport you to Northernland.

The portal to got to Northrend from Dalaran City


  • Most of the time you will have to wait for The Kraken and Northspare ship to arrive.
  • You can start your leveling from Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord at Northrend. It’s all up to you.
  • The Northrend is featured in World of Warcraft expansion.
  • The Northrend is an icy continent with lots of and also known for evil Scourge.

So, that’s how you can reach to Northrend from your own location. After arriving in Northrend, you can start your regular quest missions and other tasks.

Start discovering all the mysterious things and complete all of the quest and level up yourself. However, If you feel that the way to get to Northrend should know everyone, you can share it.



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  1. I think using the Kraken Ship at Stormwind city would be the easiest way to get into the Northrend. However, other methods will also help me to get into the Netherland. Thank you.


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