Here we we learn how to get Pandaria using some simple and easy steps

How to Get to Pandaria from Stormwind / Orgrimmar / Dalaran

Here I will tell you different methods, the exact way, to get Pandaria from Orgrimmar, Stormwind and Dalaran. Also, will tell multiple ways to get entrance of Pandaria.

Getting Pandora is a little bit tricky. You have to use the correct path or the quest to get to Pandaria. Sometimes it seems easy and sometimes it hard.

You can get into Pandaria using quest or the magical portal according to your city. But, sometime may fall in trouble to get the correct path to go into Pandaria from your city.

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How to Get to Pandaria

As Pandaria is a mentionable land to visit. But, you must complete quests to visit Pandaria. You can get into the Pandaria from Orgrimmar or the Stormwind.

However, here’s the exact way to get into Pandaria from your location in Orgrimmar and Stormwind city.

Get to Pandaria from Orgrimmar

At first, you get into the Pandaria in an epic way. To travel Pandaria after that you must use a special portal. If you are in Orgrimmar city and wants to get transported to Pandaria, you must use those steps.

Step 1: Reach the Level 85

Firstly, you must reach to Level 85 to get eligibility to travel into Pandaria on World of Warcraft. Unless you won’t be able to get Pandaria even if Orgrimmar.

Step 2: Visit Valley of Honor

Once you reached the 85 Level, directly visit the Valley of Honor at Orgrimmar.

Red marked Valley of Honor on Orgrimmer city map

Step 3: Find the Hot air red balloon

Hot air ballon on Orgrimmer city map

Then you should see a red colored hot air balloon floating above the valley. You will get a hot air balloon sign on the map. Just under the hot air balloon, you will get shining portal with blue light. This will let you into Pandaria.

Shining blue portal to Pandaria on Orgrimmer city

But, if you can’t find anything, go straight back to the Quest board. Click on the Quest board. Then finish all Quest lines or you can complete 2 out of 3.

Qest Line on Orgrimmer city to reach Pandaria

Once you did, go back to the hot air balloon sign at Valley of Honor. You should get the blue shining portal that lets you get Pandora.

Get to Pandaria from Stormwind

If you are in Mist of Pandaria expansion, then probably you are in Stormwind city. Yes, there’s also a special portal to travel Pandaria easily. Here are all steps that will take you into the Pandaria from Stormwind.

Step 1: Reach Level 85

As a first step, you must complete Level 85 of World of Warcraft. It’s mandatory to have 85 Level to visit Pandaria.

Step 2: Go to the Stormwind Keep

After getting Level 85 just find the Stormwind Keep, it’s actually a big castle. You can use the red marked place to get Stormwind Keep. Once there, get into the keep to start the quest to Pandaria. The quest will start.

Red makred Stormwind Keep on Stormwind city map

Step 3: Fly to North of the Stormwind

The quest starts with a cutscene. When it finished, you will find yourself standing opposite to Rell Nightwind. Speak to him to accept next quest. Then directly go to the North of the Stormwind. A Flying gunship is waiting.

Just go up to the gunship by using flying mount or take a ride to go up to there. Now your journey to Pandaria is started. If everything goes fine, you will end up in Pandaria.

But, if you are back from Pandaria but wants to visit again, there’ also a way. You will find a portal to Pandaria on Stormwind. Just go at the hot air balloon sign marked on the map. Just under it, you will get a portal to get to Pandaria.

Red marked hot air ballon on Stormwind city map

Get to Pandaria from Dalaran

You can also travel Pandaria from the Dalaran City. If you are on Dalaran and wants to find the way to Pandaria then here’s the way that you can follow.

Step 1: Find the Silver Enclave

Where ever you are, find the Silver Enclave from the map of Dalaran city. Once you have found it, go to the entrance of the Silver Enclave.

Red marked the Silver Enclave on Dalaran city map

Step 2: Chose the Second Entrance

You will get two entrances to Silver Enclave. Witch one you should follow? The second one. Avoid the left-sided path, just go into the right-sided path on Silver Enclave.

The right handed entrance of the Silver Enclave

Step 3: Find the Portal to Pandaria

Well, you are into the Silver Enclave trough second entrance. But, here you will get almost five shining portals serially.

Just select the 5th shining portal to get transported into Pandaria. It’s located on the right side of your hand. Done! You will get into the Pandaria.

the fifth shining portal to get to Pandaria on the Silver Enclave


  • On both cities, Orgrimmar and Stormwind you require 85 Levels to cross in case you want to get into Pandora.
  • Before going for Pandaria, make sure that you have crossed minimum required level.
  • In case you are transferred from Alliance after going into Pandaria, then you have to begin the Art of War quest from Horde side.

However, Pandaria is a city on World of Warcraft game. You can get Pandaria from tow city. Once is Orgrimmar and another is Stormwind. If you are in any of that city, just follow the guideline mentioned above.

You may face bugs and errors. If face any of those, you can mention it in the comment section.

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