How To Drop Items in Roblox

How To Drop Items in Roblox

We often need to drop a variety of items in Roblox to build an immersive game or experience. Here we explain everything how to do that quickly and easily.

Drop Items on PC

By this method, you can drop items or assets like weapons, hats, tools etc in Roblox when you play it on the computer, laptop, mac or Xbox one. Though this method may not work in every game, most of them do.

Step-1: Click the item in the game inventory and hold it.

Step-2: Press the backspace button. Your selected item will drop immediately.

Note: This way, you can drop every asset except hats. For hats, press equal (=) button.

Drop Items on Mobile

By this way, you can drop items on any mobile device. Though in some games, it may not work properly.

Step-1: Tap the item in your game inventory.

Step-2: Tap on chat. When mobile keyboard shows, tap on the cross button.

Note: You may need two or more attempts. So repeat the process, if you fail to drop assets.

Hope this helped you to drop items in Roblox. If not, leave a comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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