Learn how to play Riven and get maximum physical damage of enemies

How to Play Riven | Warframe Guide

A player guide for playing Riven to damage opponents more effectively and get a better output. This tutorial will explain in details about power & abilities of Riven with keyboard shortcut to use them, basic attack, team fighting and more.

Riven is a champion(character) of League of Legend game. She has some special powers in her. It is an Assassin type champion who can easily damage enemies with her defensive weapons. With her best mobility, you can easily move & make confuse enemies.

But, as an Assassin Champion Riven doesn’t have high-burst damaging. However, here we will explain all about Riven and how to play Riven also.

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By champion, it refers the character we play to damage enemies in League of Legend. Overall there are more than 140 champions released.

Riven is one of them. Generally, each champion has some special powers & attributes in different fields.

“A warrior’s blade reflects the truth in their heart. Mine is black and broken.”

-Quote of Riven

Powers and Abilities of Riven

As a champion, Riven has some special powers to damage opponents. At first, I will explain all powers & abilities of Raven.

Then we will adopt the pleasing style of Riven and gain maximum damage output. So, let’s look at her abilities one by one.

Runic Blade

It refers the ability to charging metal blade. You can charge her blade for three times. But, you have to use the charged blade one time per attack.

how to play riven

Broken Wings

This means the power of Riven metal to lash her blade. It can be reactivated 3 times in a short time period. Generally, Riven apply broken wings at the targeted unit.

If there’s no target, she will hit at her forward direction. You can use this power in two ways.

  • In 1st & 2nd way you can bash the metal blade at forwarding It will apply physical damage to opponents with 15/35/55/75/95 damage.
  • In a 3rd way, Riven takes a quick leap to forward and bang the ground powerfully. This action can damage nearby enemies with 5/35/55/75/95 physical damage.

To use: press Q key.

Riven guide

Ki Burst

It’s a special power of Riven that used to shock and stunt enemies.

Here a unique energy gets emitted from Riven’s sword that immediately shocks opponents for a small period(0.75 seconds). It provides 55/85/115/145/175 physical damage to enemies.

To use: Press W button to use.

Sock opponents with Riven's Ki Burst


Riven steps forward to your cursor and get a protective shield around her for 1.5 seconds. The shield blocks all incoming 90/120/150/180/210 physical damage for the mentioned period.

It’s useful ability that helps you to escape from any risky situation.

To use: Press E key.

Get protection shield with Riven Valor to defend the physical damage

Blade of the Exile

Here Riven gets a bigger sword with special powers for 15 seconds. Generally, it increases the physical damage(20%) & attack range. After passing 1 second you will get Wind slash power on your sword.

To use: Press R Key.

play riven

Wind Slash

Ravens wipe her sword and a strong shock wave get emitted towards all enemies. It gives you an extra range to apply physical damage with a big range.

Wind Slash cause 100/150/200 (+60% bonus Attack Damage) to 300/450/600 (+180% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to opponents.

Fire shortwave power from your sword with Riven Wind Slash skill

How to Play Riven

So, you have learned all abilities and powers of Riven. We also mentioned how to use them. So, here’s the main part. We will explain the all techniques and tips to play Riven with more effectively.

You can play Riven smartly with using different combinations, Animation canceling and others.

Special Powers

As a champion of League of Legends game, Riven has some special skills to attack and protect her. First one is Broken Wings.

You can use this power to apply quick physical attack in short period. You can use it in 3 ways, so use a good combination.

You should Use Ki burst when you are in trouble. Basically, when you caught by the enemy and you need to get out of it. Ki Burst and your enemy will get stunned instantly. So, escape away.

When you need protection is risky situation, use E(Valor) to defense immediate physical damage. This will give you Valor Shield around you for 1.5 seconds.

It will help you to protect Riven from the close counter with the enemy. Especially if you have chased by anyone.

The Blade of the Exile is the most special power of Riven. You can get a big sized sword and a big range of physical damage ability.

Also, you can fire a shock wave towards you with the sword. Use the Wind Slash power to demolish them if they have low health.

Basic Attack

The passive of Riven is the Runic blade. When you are in the close area of the enemy just use the charged sword to do physical damage instantly.

You can use Brocken Winge’s power To get highest physical damage, use Auto Attack just after using any special ability every time.

Team fight

To do a team fight with Riven you have to do some simple trick. It’s quite hard to team fight with Riven(an Assassin champion).

Generally, assassins don’t get designed to attack in front of the enemy. Here you must care for your defense. Because you may get eliminated with one stun.

It’s recommended to wait for your teammates to begin the team fights. Once it began, go to the back line and target the enemy that can kill by one attack. Also always try to defend yourself, rest will do your teammates hopefully.

Animation Canceling

The Animation Canceling means cutting the animation and doing any skill faster that helps to increase physical damage output. On Riven, you can do it by using Q after completing a Skill. It will also cause extra physical damage.

Extra Tips

Overall, Riven is a great champion to play with. It has some crucial skill and combo. It’s all your decision to when you should use those things. The best tips are to practice.

There’s nothing better than practicing. Slowly you will get your all combination & strategies ready to play with Riven. If you have any question, then add it to the comment.

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