Let's learn how to make a book in Minecraft with crafting formula

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

Today I will show you how to make a book in Minecraft. Books and paper are truly useful elements in Minecraft.

The book is an amazing thing to have, isn’t it? But, you can’t find or purchase it over Minecraft.

You can create several things using books. Just like you can create bookshelves, enhancement book, quill books and many more. I will also explain to you how to use books in Minecraft once you create one. So, let’s create a book!

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

Making books in Minecraft isn’t that harder. But in future, you may need lots of paper. To create a sufficient number of papers you need a proper planning. Here we will also add it the procedure.

However, Here’s the full process from beginning to make a book in Minecraft.

Step 1: Create Crafting Table

To make a book, you need a crafting table. Because, when you start a game you get 2×2 crafting grid to make things. But, you will require 3×3 crafting grid and it provides crafting table.

Firstly, gather some wood and make it into wood planks. You can use any wood planks. If you have 4 of them then put them in 2×2 grids. You would get crafting table at the right sided box.

The formula to create crafting table on Minecraft

Then just place the crafting table at last row of your inventory. Finally, right click on the ground to place the crafting table.

Step 2: Collect some Sugarcane

Now it’s time to collect sugarcane. Because you need to craft paper to create a book.

So, go and search for sugarcane plants around yourself. Generally, they grow beside of water resources like lake or sea.

Sometimes it’s hard to find them on a regular basis. That’s why, I will recommend you to plants some sugarcane on the ground.

When you get any sugarcane plant, point on any block and punch it. However, you can plant some of them by right-clicking on the ground.

Planting sugarcane on MInecraft beside water

The sugarcane plant will start growing if you plant it near to water. When it is tall enough, just punch the upper blocks of the sugarcane and that’s it. Don’t punch ground block. As it will destroy the plant

Step 4: Create paper on the Crafting table

Now, you have enough sugarcane. You can start crafting paper. Just go in front of your crafting table and right click on it to open the crafting table.

targeting the crafting table to open it with right click

Place 3 sugarcanes at any row of your 3×3 crafting grid. Here we have placed sugarcanes in middle row. However, once you placed sugarcanes, you will get paper at the right box.

Step 3: Find Cows or Horses

Ok, enough of sugarcane plant. Now, you have to find cows or horses on Minecraft.


You will also need leather to craft a book. The leather can be gained from cows and horses.

Firstly, start searching cows on the overworld of Minecraft. Probably you will get them at the grassy environment. You will find them eating grass on plain fields or nearby waters.

Once you fund one, just punch on them. You will see them going red when you hit them. It’s mean they are absorbing the physical attack. Keep punching until they die and leave leather and meat.

Pointing a cow on Minecraft to kill

Pick meat and leather quickly. Because they will get disappear

Note: If you can’t find any cow, swap one using the following cheat if you are on PC/Mac version of Minecraft.
/summon cow.

Step 4: Make Book using a Crafting Table

If you have paper and leather you can start crafting book in Minecraft. Firstly, go in front of your crafting table block and right click on it to open crafting table.

Once you open crafting table, you will get 3×3 crafting grid. At the crafting grid, put 3 paper and 1 leather at the following formation.

The crafting table formula to make a book in Minecraft

Place tow paper at the starting on the first row. At second row, place paper at first block and leather at the next block. That’s it.

You will get a newly crafted book at the right sided box. Take the book at your inventory from the crafting table. Now you are ready to use the book in Minecraft.

How to Use Books

Books are also useful on Minecraft as real life. You can use books to make enchant book, bookshelves, and others. Also, you can use books to quill.

Here I will show you other items that you can create using books.


Well, the bookshelf is used to enhance the level of enchant table. However, you can’t judge of the power of bookshelf. However, it’s also used to decorate a room with color!

Bookshelves are expensive things to create. But you can’t put a price on wisdom, can you? Besides which, in Minecraft at least, they add a bit of color to a room and enhance the power of nearby enchanting tables!
Marsh Davies (communications manager, Mojang)

Here’s the recipe to create a bookshelf on Minecraft. Firstly, you have to open your crafting table and apply this formation on the crafting grid.

Crafting table formula to create bookshelf

Put any wood planks at every bock of first and third row. At the middle row, put books at every block.

Enchantment table

The Enchantment table helps you to gain special ability on tools, weapons. It would help you to get a better result while using those tools or weapons.

You can craft enchantment table in Minecraft using books on crafting grid. However, you have to also collect rare items like Dimond and obsidian. As you have to mine for diamond and mixing water to lava for obsidian.

Here’s the formation you need to create enchantment table.

Crafting formula to make a Enchantment table

At the first row, put book at the center block. At second row, place Dimond at the first and last block, place obsidian at middle bock. At the last row, place 3 obsidian at three blocks.

Quill Book

You can easily make a book to quill in Minecraft. Yes, on the quill book, you can write anything and save it. It’s like a notepad to you.

To make a book to quill, you have to use 1 book, 1 feather and one ink sac. To get feather you have to kill a chicken and for ink, sac kill any squid!

Just follow this formation on the crafting table grid. At the first row, place book and ink sac at first tow block. Then place feather at the first block of the second row. That’s it you will get a quilling book at the right sided box.

Crafting recipe to make a Quill Book in Minecraft

Put the quill book in the bottom row of your inventory. Take the quill book at your hand and right click. You have the quill book to write.

Writing on Quill book in Minecraft


As you see there are so many uses of books in Minecraft. It’s easy to create and you can use it several places. Hope you can successfully use books and have fun on Minecraft.

However, you can plant sugarcane to get a better supply of sugarcane. It would make your task so easy, rather than searching for sugarcane miles and miles.

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