Here's How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

The bow lets you attack your enemies from a far distance. To use a bow, at first you have to make one in Minecraft.

Here I will explain the full process to make a bow in Minecraft with step-by-step instruction.

After creating a bow, you can use many kinds of arrows to kill your target. It’s a powerful weapon as you have to protect yourself in survival mood. It’s better to have a bow rather than a bare hand or sword.

How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

To make a bow firstly, you will need some incapacitant. When you have collected all of them you can start creating a bow in Minecraft.

Here we have included all the steps from the beginning to make a bow in Minecraft.

Step 1: Create the Crafting Table

When you start Minecraft, you will get 2×2 crafting grid on your inventory. But it’s not enough to create complex things like a bow. So, you have to create a crafting table to make a bow. If you have had a crafting table then jump to the next step.

To create a crafting table, you will need 2 wood planks. You can use any wood planks to create a crafting table. Just like you can use oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak wood planks.

If you have 4 wood planks put them into your 2×2 crafting grid and you will get crafting table at the right sided box.

The formula to create crafting table on Minecraft

Move the crafting table to your hotbar and place it on the ground and right click on it, to use it later.

Step 2: Make Sticks

The first thing you will need to make a bow is the sticks. But, you have to create sticks by yourself.

You will need 2 wood planks to make a stick. You can use almost any kind of wood planks to create sticks in Minecraft.

If you have enough wood planks then put it on the crafting table in this formation.

Formula to make a stick in Minecraft using crafting table

Place 2 wood planks in the 3×3 crafting table vertically. You will get a stick at the right sided box. Move it to your inventory from the crafting table.

You will require 3 ticks to make a bow in Minecraft.

Step 3: Collect Some Strings

Now, you have to collect some strings. You will get strings from killing a spider in survival mood.

Firstly, start searching for spider around yourself. Most of the time you will get spider at night.

You can use this code to turn time into nights.

/time set night

If you are still struggling to find a spider in Minecraft, you can swap one using this code.

/summon spider

Well, if you have got a spider, start hitting it. When you hit the spider, it will go red.

A spider in Minecraft to kill

Keep attacking until the spider dies. It will leave a string on the ground after getting killed.

A string on the ground after killing a spider in Minecraft

Collect the string quickly, because it will get disappear within few seconds. You need 3 strings to make a bow.

Step 4: Make a Bow

When you have created sticks and collected stings, its time to make a bow.

Go in front of your Crafting table and right click on it.

Now, place 3 sticks and 3 strings on the 3×3 crafting grid at the following pattern.

Crafting formula to make a bow in Minecraft

At the first row, place stick at second and string at the third box. At second row, place stick at first and string at right box. At the third row, place sticks and strings like the first row. That’s it!

You will get a bow at the right sided box. Move the bow to your inventory to start using it.

How to Make Enchanted Bow

If you have a normal bow, you can turn it into an enchanted bow. The Enchanted bow will increase the damage percentage, punch power, infinity arrow and more. But, the enchantment will not affect the speed and distance of arrow.

To make an enchanted bow will need 3 Lapis Lazuli. They are found in 11-12 block down the ground.

Open enhancement table place bow at first block and 3 Lapis Lazuli at next block. Then select the enhancement you want to apply.

Where to Find Bow in Minecraft

Surprisingly you can also get find bows during Minecraft gameplay. Well, it’s should be the only way to get Bow as you can easily create one.


Skeletons are dangers mob in Minecraft who throws arrow towards players. Although it’s not easy to attack them, you can kill them and get bows. Yes, there’s 8.5% of changes that you get bow after killing a skeleton.


The Illusioners are mostly seen on empty feels. Because they are left from villagers. Well, they aren’t kind like villagers. Illusioners will always attack you. There is up to 11.5% chance to get a bow from Illusioners.

Fletcher Villagers

You can find a fletcher villager and trade with them to get bows. As it can be found on 2 tire trades in exchange of 2 or 3 emirates.


The worst way to get a bow is fishing. There are fewer changes that you get a bow during fishing. Also, the bow can be enchanted or damaged.

How to Use Bow in Minecraft

To use a bow, you have to use an arrow. There’s a different type of arrows that you can use on your bow. However, once you have a bow you can start using your bow to attack your enemies from a far distance in Minecraft.

Here’s how you can start using a bow in Minecraft.

Step 1: Make an Arrow

How to make a arrow in Minecraft?

As we know we have to make arrow to start attacking enemies with our bow. To make an arrow you will need 1 flint, 1 stick, 1 feather. As you can kill chickens for feather and my gravel to get flint and use the wood plank to make stick.

The crafting formula to make an arrow in Minecraft

Once you put those elements in correct formation, you will get 4 arrows at the right sided box.

Step 2: Use Bow to Kill the target

When you have a bow and enough arrow, place them at your hotbar. Then select the bow from the hotbar.

Now place your pointer to your target and right click and hold to charge the bow.

When your bow is completely charged release your right-button while placing your pointer on your target.

Tergeting a creeper in Minecraft with bow

Boom! You will see your target getting red and falling down instantly.

a creeper after being attacked with bow in Minecraft

Step 3: Recover your Arrow

When you have soot the target, go over the there. Then pick up the arrow that you have used.

You can use the same arrow on your bow again.

So, that’s how you can use a bow in Minecraft

How to Recover a Damaged Bow

After using your bow for a consistent period, it might get damaged. Also, you may find a damaged bow while you are fishing. To repair a damaged bow, use this technique.

Open your crafting table and place 2  bow side by side on the crafting grid. You will get a new bow at the right sided box.


  • You can use a bow to attack any mob form a certain distance. It’s a useful weapon, especially for survival mood.
  • Use the enchanted bow to increase power and durability and other factors of your bow.
  • The enchantment will not improve the distance and speed of the bow.

Among all weapons, the bow is the most useful. You can use it to protect you or hunt any animal. Also, you can use many kinds of bows to get different results.

Many of you may search for diamond bow in Minecraft, But there’s nothing like this. If anyone tells you, it probably fake.

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