Let's learn how to make a cake in Minecraft with some easy steps

How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

We all love eating cake and sharing with others. The amazing thing is that you can also make a cake in Minecraft.

But, you can’t create a cake, you have to make it yourself.

Now, I will show you all steps to make a cake in Minecraft with step-by-step fast instructions. Also, I will show you how to collect required ingredient easily. Stay with us.

How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

The cake is considered as a foot that refills your food meter. You have to make a cake with a different ingredient and a recipe. Don’t have to be a good chef, just follow our provided steps and it’s that easy.

Here’s the full process to make a beautiful cake in Minecraft.

Step 1: Create Crafting Table

The first thing you need to make a cake is, crafting table. If you have a crafting table then you can move to the second step.

You can easily create a crafting table using 4 wood planks. You can use any kind of wood planks. If you have enough, then open your inventory and put them into 2×2 crafting grid at this formation.

At the right sided box, you will get crafting table. Move it in your hotbar and place it on the ground.

Step 2: Get Wheat

As an ingredient, you will need wheat to make a cake. You can’t craft wheat, it’s better to harvest them.

Firstly, find a land beside the water. Then take a hoe and right click on the ground. It will turn into brown.

A fertilized land besides besides water to harvest wheats

Then plant wheat seeds on them and wait until they grow taller. Once they are grown, right click on them to get wheat.

A land of harvested wheats besides water in Minecraft

Don’t want to harvest?

If you don’t want to do those harvesting stuff, you can get wheat using this code.

/give @p wheat 1

Step 3: Get Milk

Once you have wheat, the next thing you will need is milk. To get milk you have to rely on a cow.

At first, find a cow around you. They often were seen on a grassy area. But, if you are having trouble to find, you can summon a cow.

/summon cow

Take a bucket on your hand. Then right-click on the cow while holding the bucket. Then your bucket will get filled with milk.

Taking milk from a cow in Minecraft

However, you will need 3 buckets of milk to make a cake in Minecraft.

You can use the fence to don’t let them get away.

Step 4: Get Egg

You will also need eggs to make a cake. The eggs can be found from chicken.

Start searching for chicken on the overworld of Minecraft. As like cow you will find them at the plane grassy area.

If you have trouble to get one, use this code to summon a chicken.

/summon chicken

You have to build a fence so that the chicken can’t run away. Generally, chicken can jump over the fence. That’s why you need to build a double fence around the chicken.

When you have the chicken into the fence, wait until the chicken lays an egg. The chicken will lay an egg in very wait for 10-15 minutes.

An chicken egg on the ground in Minecraft

You will see an egg floating on the ground. Collect It before getting disappeared.

If you collected 2 eggs, you are ready to start making a cake.

Step 5: Get Sugar

The sugar is the last ingredient you have to collect.

You will get sugar from sugarcane plants. Usually, they grow just beside of water.

If you have got a sugarcane plant then start punching. You will get sugarcane on the ground.

The sugarcane plants to get sugarcane to create paper

Once you have collected enough sugarcane, put it into the crafting table. Just right-click on the crafting table to open 3×3 crafting grid. Once you get the crafting grid, put sugarcane at crafting grid.

crafting formula to make sugar in Minecraft

You can put the sugarcane at any block of crafting grid. Then you will get sugar at the right sided box.

Step 5: Start Making Cake

After collecting all the required ingredients, now it’s time to start making a cake in Minecraft!

Firstly, go in front of the crafting table. Right click on it to open the 3×3 crafting grid.

Now, put 3 bucket milk, tow sugar, 1 eggs and 3 kinds of wheat at the crafting grid. You have to follow this formula to create a cake.

Recipe to make a cake in Minecraft

At the first row, place milk bucket at every block. At second-row place sugar at first and last block and egg in the middle. At the last row, place wheat in three blocks.

That’s it! You will get a cake at the right sided box. Now, move the cake at the last row of your inventory(hotbar) and start eating and sharing your cake with others!

How to Eat Cake

So, now you have created a wonderful cake with cream and carry. You can now start eating the cake. But wait, you need to do some basic things to eat the cake.

Here’s how you can eat your cake in Minecraft.

Step 1: Place the Cake on A block.

Well, you have the cake on your hotbar. Just take the cake on your hand by selecting the hotbar.

You can’t just start eating the cake from your hand. You have to place it on a block.

It could be anything, just point your cursor on a block and right click on it.

Targeting an wooden block to place a cake in Minecraft

Done! You have served your cake successfully.

A cake on a block in Minecraft

Step 2: Start Eating the Cake

When you have the cake on a black, you can start eating cake. Just right-click on the block to eat a slice.

Every cake contains 7 slices. You can eat them all or share them with other players in Minecraft. Sharing is caring.


  • On the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can find 4.1% buried treasure chests.
  • You can also store the cake in your inventory. It won’t get spoiled and you can eat anytime you want.

The cake in Minecraft looks so pretty. But, you have to use the required ingredient and follow the correct recipe. After collecting all ingredients, it’s a matter of seconds to make a cake in Minecraft.

It’s better to share your cake with other Minecraft player, but you can eat all 7 slices of the cake. No one can stop you from that.

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