Here we will learn how to make a lead in Minecraft in survival mood

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

Leads are used to tie moving mobs with a fence. But, at first, you have to make a lead in Minecraft.

You can’t find lead or also known as leashes in Minecraft as it’s very hard to find. But it’s not the end.

Here I will show you the easy and convenient way to make a lead in Minecraft quickly. Also, we will also see in detail steps to create lead.

Note: Leads are like a rope in Minecraft. You can use it in many places and it’s handy enough to lead any moving mobs including evils mobs also.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

As real life, you can use lead in Minecraft to tie any moving entities. You can tie them with a fence or take them around you. It mostly used to tie horses or other peaceful amines and prevent them moving away.

However, here’s the full procedure from the beginning to make a lead in Minecraft. It’s so easy if you follow these steps correctly.

Step 1: Create Crafting Table

At first, you have to create a crafting table. As it has 3×3 crafting grid that lets you create more complicated things. However, if you have a crafting table, move on to next step.

You need 4 wood planks to create a crafting table. You can use any kind of wood planks. Just put any wood block in the crafting grid to get wood planks.

The formula to create crafting table on Minecraft

If you have enough wood planks put them at all blocks of the 2×2 crafting grid. Then you will get crafting table at right side box.

Move the crafting table at your hotbar and place on the ground.

Step 2: Start Collecting String

To make lead you, the first thing you need is a string. So, how to find string? Kill spider!

Start searching around the overword of Minecraft only in survival mode. The spider mostly is seen at night.

If you can’t find any spider after searching miles and mile, you can set time to night using this code.

/time set night

Still facing problem to find spider? Summon one. Run this code in Minecraft. A spider will swap around you

/summon spider

Once you found him, start attacking constantly. When you hit the spider will get red. It’s mean they are absorbing the attack. At the end of attacking the spider will die and disappear.

A spider in Minecraft to kill

But it will leave a string on the ground. So, take the string before it gets disaster. However, sometime you may get spider eye instead of a string.

A string on the ground after killing a spider in Minecraft

Step 3: Start Collecting Slimeball

Well, now you have to collect slimeball. You can’t make a Slimeball by yourself, you have to collect it.

How to collect slimeball?

You will get slimeball every time you kill slime. They are a moving mob that looks like a green square box. Here’s how you can collect slimeball.

So, start finding slime around you. Usually, they get seen on swampland biome. Also, there are Hight chances that you find them in the night.

Having trouble to find a slimeball? Swap slime using the following code.

/summon slime

If you get it, start hitting the slime as it would also try to attack you. When you kill a slime, it will generate medium sized slime and start attacking you again.

Targeting slime on Minecraft

After killing the medium-sized slime, you will get more slimes instantly. Start hitting them until they die and leave slimeball on the ground.

Mini slimes are created from big slime in Minecraft

Collect the slimeball and go ahead to create lead.

Slimeball on the ground after killing mini slimes

Step 4: Make a Lead on Crafting Table

Ok, now go in front of the crafting table that you have created earlier. Right click on it to open the 3×3 crafting grid to start making Lead.

As a required ingredient, you will need 4 string and 1 slimeball to create Lead. If you have enough, put them on the crafting grid in the following formation.

Formula to make a lead in Minecraft using crafting table

At the first row, place string at first tow block. At second row, place string at the first block and slimeball at the second block. At third row, place string at the third block.

You will get lead at the right sided box. Move it over the last row(hotbar) of your inventory to start using it.

How to Use Lead in Minecraft

You can use lead to tie almost any moving mobs including horse, pigs, ships, donkey, and others. It’s also possible to tie them with a fence. Here I will also explain it in detail.

Tie any mobs with Lead

You can easily tie the lead to any moving mobs and take away with you. In this example, we will use a horse to tie with lead. You can tie the lead on any mob you want.

If you can’t find any horse to tie, you can summon a horse using this simple code.

/summon horse

Firstly, point the horse with your cursor. Then right-click on the horse to tie.

Targeting a horse to tie with lead

That’s it! You will see a rope is tied on the horse. Now the horse will follow you where ever you go.

A horse with rope on his neck in Minecraft

To set the horse free, you can just right click on the horse and they will get unleashed.

You can also tie tow or more animals at once, just point another animal and right click on them.

Tie Any Mobs with Fence

You can also tie any animal with a fence so that they don’t go away. Here’s how you can do it.

Firstly, tie the animal with lead. Just right click on them.

While the horse is tied with lead, point any fence block.

A horse tied with a fence pole in Minecraft

Done! You will see that the rope is attached to the targeted fence block. To set them free from the fence, right click on the attacked fence block.

Note: If you are on PlayStation console use L2 button, Xbox console user press L2 button.


  • The lead can be used on any passive mobs that are able to move.
  • At once, you can tie multiple mobs also. There’s so limit.
  • If you go too far from the tied animal the lead may tear off.

So, that’s how you can make a lead and use them to tie animals. You can tie them and take them with you. They will follow you as far they can. Don’t run away, otherwise, you may lose your tied animal.

You can also tie them with a fence and they will wait for you. Don’t forget to make them free as they will have to eat grass.

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