See How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

The saddle is a very important but rear element in Minecraft. Have you ever think about how to make a saddle in Minecraft?

Well, it’s not possible to craft a saddle by yourself. There’s no recipe for it. The only thing you can do is to, explore and find a chest in tricky places.

Today, I will cover all the methods to get a Saddle in Minecraft quickly. Also, there are some tips to follow when searching for the saddle. All those things coming up here.

Note: Saddler gets used to riding horses, pigs, mules on Minecraft.

Supported Minecraft Platforms

Saddle is not available in every minecraft platforms and versions. The followings are the supported minecraft platforms.

  • Education Edition 1.0
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Pocket Edition (PE) 0.15.0
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Wii U
  • Windows 10 Edition 0.15.0
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

You can follow various methods to make(if not finding) or search for saddle and get success. The saddle in Minecraft is not that rare. You just have to place yourself in the right place in the game.

How can you perfect everything and get saddle? Let’s find out.

Method 1: Find a Dungeon

You can’t create saddle but you can search for them in chests loot. Generally, you will find chests in the dungeon.

The Dungeon is a small chamber in Minecraft with one or tow chest in it. Yes, there’s up to 54% chance that you get saddle as loot from any chest.

But, firstly you have to find a dungeon. Where to find? Basically, dungeons have located any ware on the Outerworld(the world of Minecraft). They are situated way under the ground. You have to dig yourself into those small chambers.

There’s no sitemap to detect where Dungeons are located on Minecraft. But you can use small signs to detect Dungeons easily. However, the more you mine, the chances are high that you get Dungeons.

An typical dungeon with cobblestone and mossy stone and spider with chest

To detect dungeon, you can look for a small room with cobblestone and mossy stone. If you get a room with those elements, probably you are in Dungeon. Also, you must be careful. You will also find spider spawner, zombie or skeleton. You may hear their sound from the ground as a sign of Dungeon.

So, you should safely loot the chest with saddle and get yourself away. It would be unusual if you don’t get any chest inside any Dungeon.

Note: On PC/MAC version of Minecraft you can use Spectator mood(/gamemode sp) to see through underground and detect Dungeon.

Method 2: Find a Nether Fortress

Another good way to get saddle is to find a Nether Fortress. You will find Nether Fortress in Nether. Basically, Nether is a different world from the regular overworld of Minecraft.

Once you get into Nether, you have to find for Nether Fortress. It looks like a little castle. Inside the Nether Fortress, you can get the saddle and other unique elements that you cannot create. You have 40% changes to get saddle in Nether Fortress.

To go into Nether, you have to build a Nether portal frame by yourself using 14 obsidian blocks, 1 flint and steel. The portal will get you into the mysterious world of Nether.

A nether portal created with obsidian

It’s better you go into Nether, with proper preparation and enough resources. As Nether is a darker place, the Potion of Night Vision would come handy.

Method 3: Keep Finishing for a Saddle

Well, it’s a funny but another way to get saddle in Minecraft. You can get saddle while you are fishing. But, I recommend you do not take this method as primary. If you fishing enough you may able to reel in a saddle.

How to fish?

You can craft a fishing rod to start fishing. To make fishing rot, you need craft stick using the wood plank. Also, you have to get a string from Spiders. Then, use the below form on crafting grid.

However, you can put your line through water and observe bobber movements. There’s up to 1%(highest) chance to get a saddle from fishing.

Fishing using fishing rod in Minecraft

You can use Luck of the Sea enchantment, to enchant your fishing rod and get higher caches to get a saddle. You can get up to 1.77% chance after using this enchantment.

Method 3: Find a Desert Temple

Another effective but dangers way to find saddle is desert temples. You can find desert temples at desert biome(environment). It may set hidden covered with desert sand.

It’s not easy to find a desert temple in Minecraft. Generally, the desert temple can be found on Altitude Y:64. But once you find it, you must take some tricky steps to get a saddle.

A desert temple on Minecraft desert biome

Look for blue clay block that is at the center of the floor. If you dig through it, you will get a small chamber with up to 4 chests. There’s 15% chance to get a saddle from each chest!

But, as I mentioned Desert temple is quite a dangerous place. There are some TNT traps are set at the secret chamber.

Method 4: Look for Village Blacksmith

Village blacksmith is uniquely structured houses that can be seen on villages. You can search for village blacksmith and go into them. Most of the blacksmith has a chest in it. There’s almost 16% of chance to get saddle in village blacksmith.

A chest inside of village blacksmith of minecraft

Method 5: Trade with a Villager

You can trade with villagers for the saddle. But not with every villager, you have to find leatherworker villagers. Generally, they have white apron get-up. You can find them any village on Minecraft.

Here’s the deal:

The first thing you need lots of emeralds. If you have enough of them, right click on leather worker villager to open trading window. Then, buy leather pants via emeralds close the window. Again, buy leather tunic and do the same.

A villagers on Minecraft to trade with hime

Lastly, open the trading window and you will get a saddle. Just buy a saddle from villager using emeralds and you got it!

Method 6: Use Cheats

The last and easy way to get saddle is using cheats in Minecraft. But, at first, you have to enable cheat on your world menu. Or Just pause your game, Go to Open to LAN and turn on Allow Cheats option.

Now, make sure that you are playing on Creative mood. If not, open chat(press T) and type /gamemode c. Then you can get the saddle from your infinite inventory. You can also switch back to survival mood(/gamemode s) and have your saddle.

Alternatively, you can use cheat to get a saddle instantly! It’s like magic. Just open chat and use this code.

/give playername saddle 1

How to use Saddle in Minecraft

As you can use the saddle to ride and explore on horses, pigs, and mules in Minecraft. But you have to use it properly to take a ride using a saddle.

Ride a Horse

First, find a horse that you want to ride. Try to tame the horse by jumping on the top of the horse. At first try, you may get thrown on the ground by the horse. That’s ok, keep trying.

After several attempts, the horse you let you keep on their top. When you are on the horse, open your inventory(E). Place the saddle on the slot next to a horse. Done! You have can move the horse using normal controls.

Horse on Minecraft to tame and saddle

To remove the saddle from a horse, simply select the horse and remove the saddle out of it from the inventory.

Note: If you can’t find any horse, you can swap one. Open chat(T) and use this code.
/summon horse

Ride a Pig

You can also take the ride of Pigs on Minecraft. Just take the saddle on your hand and right-click the pig you want to ride. Now you can take a ride. But you can’t control the pig.

A saddled pig in Minecraft

You have to use stick or carrot to control the pig by yourself.

What’s the sad part?

You can’t take out the saddle without killing the pig


  • Village blacksmith is houses that are seen in Minecraft villages.
  • When you saddle a pig, it’s get attached to them for permanent. The only ways to get back you saddle is killing them.
  • Desert temples are dangerous enough to kill you. You must be careful of the secrete camper that carries ’s TNT trap.
  • You should rely on fishing to get saddle as it has less than 1% chance to get a saddle.
  • On PC/MAC version of Minecraft, you can use Spectator mood(/gamemode sp) to see underground Dungeon.

In general, the saddle is one of the rear items to be found. You can’t make a saddle in Minecraft, but find it in different locations. However, once you found one, use it to ride horses and pigs and have fun.

The riding technique for horse and pigs are different you should follow the guideline mentioned above.

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