Learn how to make a shield in Minecraft easily using simple formation

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

The Minecraft offer you a big 3D world to explore. There are so many attacking aliens & animals that can drain your health meter. Sometimes you might get died in their attack. Every aliens or animal attack in different ways. You must protect yourself from their wild attacking style. To protect yourself from incoming damage, you can use a shield in Minecraft. Here I will explain, how to make a shield in Minecraft.

Requirements for Making Shield

To make a complete shield on Minecraft, you have to collect some elements. Firstly, collect the mentioned elements on your inventory.

You can use any Wood plant to build a shield on Minecraft.. Once you have collected one Iron Ingot and any kind of Wood plant, you are ready to make a shield in Minecraft.



Iron IngotIron Ingot1
oak_wood_plankWood Plant:


How to Make a Shield in Minecraft on Survival Mood

After collecting required elements you can start making a shield in Minecraft. Just follow this procedure in your Minecraft survival mode. Make sure that you are currently playing in survival mood on Minecraft.

Step 1: At Minecraft open your Crafting Table. If you are in PC, press E to open craft table.

Step 2: Once the Crafting table is open, you will get a crafting grid with 3×3 square grids. You have to place the required elements in a specific formation to build a shield. Just place the 1 Iron Ingot and 6 Wood Planks at the 3×3 square grids. You can use any kind of wood planks including  Oak, Spruce Birch Jungle Acacia Dark wood planks. Use this formation to place 1 Iron Ingot and 6 Wood Planks.

First row – 1 wood planks, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 wood planks

Second row – 3 wood planks

Third row – 1 wood planks(in the second box)

use the shield recipe on Minecraft to create a shield

Step 3: After placing the elements to the mentioned pattern, you will get a shield on the box at the right side.

Step 4: Now, move the shield into the inventory table.

Move the created shield at your Minecraft inventory

Done! You have made a shield in Minecraft to protect you. This will help you to defend the attacking aliens or amines on the survival mood. Now you can use it in the real gameplay. The default should design is a bit boring in Minecraft. You can customize the shield with your design to look it good.

How to Customize a Shield in Minecraft

If you want to give a stylish look at your shield use this process.

Step 1: Open the crafting table.

Step 2: Put your banner and the shield at the mentioned formation on the 3×3 square grids.

Only at second row – at first box, the custom poster and the shield.

create a customized shield using this formation

Step 3: At the right box, you will get a customized shield.

Step 4: Now move the customized shield at your inventory.

Then you will get a new shield with your customized design. However, if you need to reaper & rebuild your shield after damage, there’s also a process.

How to Rebuild a Shield in Minecraft

After several usages of your shield, it can get damaged. So, you need to rebuild it to use it properly. If you need to repair your shield to use this process in Minecraft survival mood.

 Step 1: Open your crafting table.

Step 2: Create a new shield with the previously mentioned formation.

Step 3: Place the old shield at the center of the 3×3 square grids of crafting table. Then place the newly created shield at the right side of the old shield.

Rebuild your shield on Minecraft using this formation

Step 4: A new shield appearing in the right box.

Step 5: Move the shield from the right box to your inventory.

So, you have repaired your shield Minecraft. After repairing you’re can use the new shield as usual. But, if your shield gets damaged again, you can make a new one using the same formation.

Last Lines

Minecraft is a great game with lots of fun stuff. Here you can play with different moods. One of them is survival mood. At the survival mood, you can use a shield to protect yourself. Just make a new shield and start using it. You can also decorate your shield with a customized look.

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