Let's learn How to Make Paper in Minecraft with some easy steps

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

On this post, I am going to show you really quick ways that teach you how to make paper in Minecraft easily step-by-step.

For many reasons, you have to make paper in Minecraft. But there’s a certain process and recipe to follow in Minecraft for the paper.

Paper is an essential thing, isn’t it? Same goes for Minecraft. You can build many things with paper like books, maps, and fireworks. Before, everything you have to make paper yourself.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

As we talked before, you need to follow a certain recipe to make paper in Minecraft. Using the following recipe and method, make paper and use it on your Minecraft game.

However, it’s quite easy to create paper yourself in Minecraft. Just follow the process mentioned below.

Step 1: Collect Wood Planks

Firstly, you have to create a crafting table on Minecraft. To create a crafting table, you need to gather 4 wood planks. You can use any kind of wood planks like oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, or dark oak wood planks.

To get wood, you can punch any nearby tree. Target any tree block. Now, just press and hold the left-mouse key or left bumper button for Xbox, R2 button on PS4.

Tergetting a tree block with plus sign to get wood

Then place the wood on 2×2 crafting grid to get wood planks. You will get 4 wood planks for each wood block.

Getting wood planks using 2x2 crafting grid on Minecraft

Step 2: Create a Crafting Table

Now, you have to create a crafting table. Firstly, open your inventory on Minecraft. Here you will get all the resources you have collected. At the top, you will get 2×2 crafting grid at the top.

Just put 4 wood planks at all of its grids to make a crafting table. A crafting table appearing on the right sided box.

The formula to create crafting table on Minecraft

Then take the newly created crafting table at the bottom row of the inventory. Then right-click on the ground to place the Crafting table.

Step 3: Collect Sugarcane

Now you have to collect 3 sugarcanes to create paper by yourself. You can search for sugarcanes near leaks or sea sides. Basically, they are mostly seen on besides water bodies.

The sugarcane plants to get sugarcane

Once you found Sugarcane, just target any block and punch it. Then collect at least 3 Sugarcane in your inventory.

Step 4: Make Paper using Crafting Table

Go in front of the Crafting table where you have placed before. Right click on Crafting table, and it will get opened.

targeting the crafting table to open it with right click

Take 3 sugarcanes and arrange it on 3×3 crafting grid in this formation. You have to align 3 sugarcanes in any particular row.

The formula to create paper in Minecraft using three sugarcanes

Done! You will see a paper is created at the right sided box. Now take the newly created paper into your inventory and start using it.

How to Use Paper in Minecraft

As paper is most useful elements for a Minecraft player, you can make several things with it. Using paper, you can make books, map, fireworks and other things also. Here is some formula to create other things with paper.

Make Books

With paper, you can create books. Just place 3 paper and 1 lather in this formation. You can find lather after hunting cow.

Formula to create books in Minecraft

Make Maps

Combining compass, you can also make maps on Minecraft. Just put 8 paper and 1 compass in this formation. You will get a map instantly. However, you can make a compass using its own recipe.

Formula to create map in Minecraft

Make Firework Rocket

To make Firework Rocket you will need 1 paper and up to 3 gunpowder. Put them into crafting grid in this formation. To collect gunpowder, you have to kill any creeper on survival mood.

Formula to create simple rocket fireworks in Minecraft

However, you can also create other advanced stuff using paper in Minecraft. But, we will cover it in another post. For now, follow the basic formulas.


  • To make paper in Minecraft, you must use the 3×3 crafting table.
  • Any kind of wood planks can be used to create a crafting
  • You have to punch tree or sugarcane block to collect them on your inventory.
  • You can put 3 sugarcanes on any row of the crafting table grid.

As paper is a great element to have on Minecraft, you can create it easily. Just collect required ingredients and use the crafting table. Once you follow the recipe you will get paper instantly. You can use the same procedure to make more papers on Minecraft.

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