How to Use Elytra in Minecraft

How to Use Elytra in Minecraft

The elytra are used to glide through the air in Minecraft. But, at first, you have to know the guideline of using elytra.

Today I will show you how to use elytra in Minecraft step-by-step with quick instructions. Using the elytra, you can easily fly on the air like a bird.

However, we will also show you all things that you can do with elytra. Just stay with us.

How to Use Elytra in Minecraft

The elytra are a wing like things in Minecraft. When it gets attached to the player, the player can fly using it. But, it needs sold practice to assure the flying style and fly properly.

Here are all the steps you need to follow to use elytra in Minecraft

Step 1: Get Elytra

At first, you have to collect the elytra. To acquire elytra, you will need to go to the end world. You can go into the End world through end portal.

You can easily make an End portal with End portal and Eye of ender on them.

The End portal in Minecraft

Then kill the Ender Dragon in the End portal. You can use a Bow to kill the dragon. Then you will get a portal with a strange structure. It’s made of bedrock and the middle on is portal.

Killing Ender Dragon with bow in Minecraft

Now take an ender pearl at your hand and place your pointer to the portal. Right, click on it and you will get teleported deferent kind of End world with floating islands.

Keep exploring and find the end city. It’s actually a building with strange structure.

However, you will find a ship like structure nearby the end city. Go into the ship and you will get the elytra.

Step 2: Open Inventory

Now Open your inventory by pressing E. Then place the elytra to the chest slot of your inventory.

Placing the Elytra on the chest slot of survival mood inventory in Minecraft

The player image will get changed. You will see that 2 wings have added to the player image. Go back to Minecraft world to start flying.

Step 3: Start Flying

Go to any higher place in the Minecraft. Generally, you can go to any mountain or build your own tower to jump off!

Once you are hight enough. Just run fast and jump from that place.

Standing on the a higher place to jump of and fly with elytra in Minecraft

While you are falling towards the ground, then press the jump button again to start flying. Yes, you are now gliding towards the air like a bird.

Flying with elytra in Minecraft

However, you can use some basic guideline to successfully fly with elytra in Minecraft.

Note: You have to change the camera to see yourself flying. Press F5 if you are on PC/Mac version of Minecraft.

How to Use Elytra in Minecraft in Creative Mood

The usages of elytra in survival mood are also quite same to the creative mood. But instead of search for elytra, you can get it from the creative inventory.

However, here’s what you should do to use Elytra in Minecraft at Survival mood.

Step 1: Go to Survival Inventory

When you are in the creative mood, open your inventory(E). Then get the elytra from there. Once you have elytra, click on the Survival Inventory option located at the bottom-right corner.

The survival inventory in Creative mood in Minecraft

Step 2: Put on Elytra

Now place the elytra on the chest slot of the player.

Placing elytra at the chest slot on creative mood in Minecraft

Once you placed elytra at the chest slot, the player will get 2 wings at their back. Then go back to the overworld and jump from any higher place. Use jump button to start flying. That it!

How to Use Elytra with Rocket Propel in Minecraft

You can also use the Rocket propel to get some extra boost on your flying speed. It’s will give you some extra joy to glide through the air with extreme speed.

Let’s start gliding with Rocket Propel and elytra.

Step 1: Get Elytra and Firework Rocket

Firstly, we air the elytra and go to any higher place. Along with that take a Firework Rocket. You can make a firework rocket with 1 paper and 1 gunpowder.

Step 2: Go to Any Higher place

Go to the top of any higher place probably mountain. Once there take the Firework Rocket at hotbar and select it. Then just jump off that place. I promise everything will be fine.

Standing on the higher place to fly with elytra and Fireworks Rocket


Step 3: Start Flying with Fireworks Rocket

When you are falling press the jump button to start flying. After that, just right click while you have selected the Fireworks Rocket. You will get some extra boost on your flying speed.

Flying with elytra and fireworks in Minecraft

How to Repair Elytra

The elytra might get damaged with excessive use. Well, when your elytra are damaged what would you do? Repair it. It very easily repairs elytra, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Open Anvil

To repair elytra, you will require Anvil. It’s a tool to repair, rename and enchant items in Minecraft. You can craft an anvil with 3 block iron and 4 iron ingots.

the crafting recipe to make a Firework Rocket in MInecraft


Step 2: Repair Elytra

Once you have the Anvil, open the Anvil table. Then place your damaged elytra at the first slot and leather at the second slot. The required leather depends on how damaged the elytra is. However, You can collect leather by killing cows in Minecraft.

Formula to repair an elytra in anvil table

After placing them, you will get completely new elytra at the right sided box. It will coast 1 enchantment points to complete.

Once it did take the elytra to your inventory and start gliding!

How to Fly with Elytra

Requirement: To fly with elytra in Minecraft, you will always require a higher place. Without a decent height and speed, you won’t be able to start flying.

Also, make sure that you run fast to jump from any higher place. You can double press the run button to run faster.

Direction: Once you are falling press the jump button to fly. To direct yourself, look at any side. You can look at left, right to turn yourself. You can look at the sky to fly yourself higher. Eventually, looking down will drag you towards the ground.


  • The elytra can be achieved by going into end boats located at end city.
  • Elytra can be also available at the creative inventory in the Creative
  • If you are having trouble to get elytra you can use a cheat If you are on the PC version of Minecraft use: /give @p elytra.

So, that’s how you can fly higher and higher. But the sad part is you won’t fly get enough height here. The glider will give you only the speed. If you are not satisfied, use Rocket fireworks to get insane speed.

If you want to fly on enough to height, just double press the jump button on Creative mood. Now you can go above the space.

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  1. To me, it’s way harder to collect real elytra. Rather I would go for the creative inventory of Minecraft. However, that’s for the guide.

  2. The most mistake I have made when I try to make End portal. The main thing is to follow the correct formation. After several tries, I finally made it into the End world. It looks so scary thought.


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