See how to wait in Fallout 4 and Fallout 3 also

How to Wait in Fallout 4

In Fallout games, you can wait for a certain time. But it changed for Fallout 4 and you have to do it differently.

Today, I will explain you the new way to wait in Fallout 4. It has changed and you can do it using very simple steps.

You may want to wait in Fallout 4 to change the time in few seconds. It’s so helpful when you want to change the time into day or night. It lets you get certain quests, shops that are available at a specific time.

How to Wait in Fallout 4

As I said, waiting in Fallout 4 is a little bit different. But, it works same as previews Fallout games. It’s an easy way to pass the time quickly.

Here are all the steps to wait in Fallout and change the time as long you want.

Step 1: Find a Chair or Bed

At first, you have to find a furniture in case you want to wait. You can get several chairs and beds that are located all around the wasteland.

Make sure that the chair you will use, is not owned by you. But, if you can use any bed to wait as all of the bed in the settlement are available to use.

Step 2: Chose the Wait Faction

If you found a chair or couch randomly, the first thing you need to do is sit down on it. Just place the cursor over the chair and select it.

A chair to sit and wait in Fallout 4

After sitting on the chair, you will get Wait menu option at the bottom of the screen. Press T and the Wait menu will appear.

Step 3: Set the Waiting Time

Once you got the waiting menu, you will get the option to select hours. Just select the number of hours you want to wait. At first, calculate the time you want to jump into and then set the waiting time.

Waiting menu to set hours and wait in Fallout 4

However, you can do the same to use the bed to wait.  Instead, when you get the waiting menu, you can choose the time to sleep. It’s similar to waiting in the chair. Also, you will get XP boots when you use a bed.

Waiting menu to set sleeping hours in Fallout 4

Note: You can choose to wait time up to 24 hours.

Step 4: Wait for Few Seconds

When you set the waiting time, it will take some time to complete the waiting time. Eventually, it will take around 1 seconds to pass an hour. Once it did, you can start reaming around the world.

How to Wait in Fallout 3

As we seen above it’s quite complicated when you want to wait. But it’s quite easy in Fallout 3 to wait or take rest.

Here we have also added the tutorial to wait in Fallout 3.

Step 1: Open Wait Menu

In Fallout 3, you don’t have to find any chair or bed to wait. You can simply open the wait menu anywhere you want. Just press T button to open wait menu. Then select the hours you want to wait.

Note: If you are on PlayStation press Select button, and on Xbox press the T button.

How to Use Wait Faction in Fallout

There are so many benefits of using wait function. Generally, it gets used to change the in-game time with few seconds. You can use this feature for various purpose.

See all the benefits that you can get when you use the wait function in Fallout 4 or 3.

Wait for Day or Night

You can easily change the current time to day or night by waiting in Fallout. In some tasks, you get extra benefits based on the time. The sunshine or the darkness can help you to complete any task easily.

Wait for Timed Quests

There are some quests that are only available in the specific time. So, you can wait until you get into that certain time. When you are in, go and hunt for the quest you are looking for in Fallout 4.

Wait for Stealth Attack

In the darkness of the night, you get an advantage to perform a stealth attack. Generally, your enemies won’t recognize you easily as in sunlight. So, you can wait until it gets darker.

But, you have to also perform the attack with proper technique.

Wait for Shops

Most of the shops stay open at 8 am – 8 pm business hour. Otherwise, you will see them closed. So, if you are late, just wait until the 8 am. Then you will see all shops are open.

Get XP Boost

You can get +10% XP boost for every 8 hours if you wait(sleep) on the bed. Unfortunately, you won’t get XP bonus if you are waiting on chair or couch. But, it shouldn’t be your primary way as there is so much thing to gain XP.


  • You can’t perform wait when you are in the water, the enemies are around you, enter in others property without permission.
  • If you are suffering dehydration, the waiting time may get increased with one hour.
  • Always calculate the time you want to go into before setting the waiting time.
  • If you are on the bed, it will show you sleep time instead of waiting time. Also, you will get XP bonus.

However, that’s how you can wait in Fallout 4. It’s a very useful feature to change the time quickly. As you can get the extra benefits of day or night. The waiting feature takes 1 seconds for each hour you want to wait.

So, you don’t have to wait for an actual hour. Just set the time and in few seconds, you will be at the desired time.

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