learn how to whisper in Towns of Salem easily and get extra tips with it

How to Whisper in Town of Salem

As a new player, you may feel the requirements to whisper in Town of Salem. To contact with other players, you have to whisper to them.

Whisper works as chatbox on Town of Salem, where you can contact with other town members via private message. But you have to do it in a certain way.

Here I will explain the way to whisper to other players in Town of Salem. Also, you will get extra tips about using whisper function an efficient way on the game to win.

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How to Whisper in Town of Salem

Through, whispering you can easily contact people in good and bad roles. Every player uses the Whisper for different purpose according to Town of Salem roles. However, it’s quite same for all players to whisper.

Here’s the way to whisper and communicate with other players on Town of Salem.

Step 1: At first Type /w or /pm or /whisper.

Step 2: Then take space and enter the Player Name or Player Number you want to whisper.

Step 3: Finally, write your message.

Example: /w PlayerName Message.


/w PlayerNumber Message

It’s better that you use a player number instead of the player name. Look, if there are two players with the same username you may get confused. And the system also.

According to the gameplay, in Day you can send messages to any player. But, the other players won’t see your private message. They will only be able to watch that you have sent a message to another player. Also, others get to see the player name who got your message.

Example: Jhon is whispering to Michael

Here's what looks like Whispering on Town of Salem

Don’t whisper too much as other players might get suspicious. Spacially, if you have Neutral amines in town, you should be careful all the time.

Unfortunately, the Blackmailer can read your all messages anytime. In fact, if they are dead, still, they can read all your whispers and the recipient. When you get blackmailed, you can’t whisper.

Wants to send messages privately?

In Coven extension of Town of Salem, there’s a mood called Lovers Mood. During Lovers Mood, you can whisper to another players security. And no one can see you whispering.

How to Whisper According to Your Role

As you know there are so many different roles in Town of Salem. Every player continues playing on behalf of their role. Here I have listed how you should whisper on Town of Salem according to your current role


If you are a Towne, then you can whisper to another Towne of your town. You can also reveal your roles to them to build a strong unity. It helps you to stay strong against Mafia, Godfather and Neutral enemies. But also make sure that the player you are whispering, is a “conformed-Towne”. Often times you can confirm the Twone role by the death of the player. It’s that simple.

Town Investigator

You can whisper to Towne/town members to get help in investigating any of the evil players. You can reveal your current role to town members in case you get extra help to lynch any player. Also, you can investigate someone’s role trough whispering. But be aware, they can anytime lie to you.


As a Blackmailer, you can read all the messages of others. Even, if you get died, still you will be able to see others whispers all the time. Also, you can send that information to Mafia to help them grow.


You can act as an investigator or make them easily suspicious by whispering them.


If you are a Jester you can whisper to others to spam or spread wrong information among Towne. You can also make everyone to doubt you.

Jester is a character who wants to get lynched because he lives in a great paranoia. He wants to get away everything even in a fake way.


As a Witch, you want to find a non-Towne member. Once you found any, whisper them directly saying that if they want to join your team.

Witch, is a neutral evil who wants to harm everyone alternatively with her magic power.


Are you Godfather on Town of Salem? You can contact your teammate’s trough whispering. You can talk about your new plan or the previews one.

How to Ignore Whisper

If any player doing spam continuously, you can ignore him/per easily. When you ignore any player, you won’t get any whisper from that specific player. You may get the sound of whispering, but the message won’t appear at the screen.

Step 1: At first, type /ignore

Step 2: Then keep a space and type the Player name or Player number if possible.

Example: /Ignore John


/Ignore 16

Once you ignore someone, you will see the player is whispering you, but you won’t’ get the message.

It’s a bad option to ignore someone that is not a spammer or bot. Because the player might share any important message to you while you are ignoring them. So, make sure you are not ignoring any player without any reason.

However, there’s no option to ignore someone on Lobby. If anyone behaves offensive stuff, you can take a screenshot and report it. Click on the Exclamation mark at the top to submit a report.

Not to mention, you can’t ignore someone who has jailed you, the Medium and Vampire in Vampire hunt.

Unignore Whisper

Most of the time it just a Jester who is acting like a spammer. Or the player you ignored may provide you valuable information. But if you ignore them, you won’t see anything.

Here’s how you can Unignore whisper any player.

Step 1: Type /unignore

Step 2: Then take a space and enter the PlayerName or PlayerNumber you want to Unignore.

Example: /unignore PlayerName


/unignore PlayerNumber

Remember the Ignore will work for a particular session. When you exit from the game, the player will get back to the normal state.

Filter Chats

If the players are using uncensored worlds too much in the whisper, you can enable Chat Filer from the Chat Settings. It replaces offensive words with an odd alternative. As a result, the uncensored words doesn’t come into the chatbox. Very tricky way!

There’s some word which is considered highly offensive to use. If you use any of those words, it will result in removing the whole message. Also, you will also face a warning notification. If you use those words too much, you may get suspended.

Last Lines

  • If you have any issue with Last Will or Death Note, then you should check for the word that needs to be filtered.
  • Dead whisper names will get styled differently on your chat list.
  • There’s no way to Whisper with yourself on Town of Salem.

Although, the whisper is a great feature to use on Town of Salem. But you should use this option carefully. All its depend on your role. So, adopt your role and use whisper to accomplish your mission. Last, of all, I can’t guaranty that all things will go smooth. That why can check out Town of Salem Forum for any realtime news or update.

Happy Town of Salem!

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